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Here are a few of our satisfied patients who chose us for their All on 4 procedure.  This is truly a life changing treatment.   Most of these patients have fought a long time with root canals, bone loss, failing restorations and losing teeth one by one.  The All on 4 was designed specifically for these situations.  It utilizes the bone in the front portion of the upper/lower jaw and allows the avoidance of costly bone grafts/sinus lifts.  This procedure has brought to the regular patient the ability to start over with an amazing smile.  Best part is that these don't come out because they are anchored in place by 4 screws and nobody will know they aren't your real teeth!!










As you can tell, there is no transformation available in the dental field today that has as dramatic of impact on your ability to eat and give you the confidence to smile!  Walk into our office in the morning and go home in the afternoon looking like a rock star!  All of this is done in one day.